What Art School Should I Go To? How To Pick the Right Art School 

Computer and a banana from an artist asking What art school should I go to?

Choosing the right art school is important. Your first couple of terms at art school will set the tone for the rest of your college experience.  If you feel too challenged, or not challenged enough, it will be difficult to stay motivated and engaged.  Some art schools are old prestigious schools, while others are newer […]

How To Prepare for Art School

Colored pencils in a jar to show that Learning how to prepare for art school is important if you want to make the most of your college experience.

The first year of art school is often the hardest for students. It’s a big change– living in a strange place, new rules and rituals, and a heavy workload of classes and homework. For many, this is also their first time living on their own. All of the above can be uncomfortable and stressful if […]

Going to Art School: A Complete Guide

Going to art school can be an incredible experience, and it's even better if you know what to expect

Art school is the stuff of movies and dreams. But what is it really like to go to art school? Some get so excited about the idea or so nervous about the competitive application process. That makes it hard to figure out what going to art school will really be like. This guide will share […]

Is Art School Worth It? 5 Easy Steps To Decide if Art School Is for You

Is art school worth it? with easel and pastels.

Going to art school is a dream come true for many young artists. To go from feeling alone to living in a group of other unique artists feels amazing. To multiply your favorite high school class three or four times feels insane and special.  Taking academic classes where your teachers understand your priorities is great […]