Artists Deserve Time

A mini of a fallen vacuum shows how art can feel like a chore when there's too much to do.

Money is important to artists because money buys time.  It’s easy to believe that the next grant, teaching position, or opportunity will change everything, but it may not.  Most artists I know constantly feel like they can’t get enough time in the studio. And even when they get there, they often find it hard to […]

What Art School Should I Go To? How To Pick the Right Art School 

Computer and a banana from an artist asking What art school should I go to?

Choosing the right art school is important. Your first couple of terms at art school will set the tone for the rest of your college experience.  If you feel too challenged, or not challenged enough, it will be difficult to stay motivated and engaged.  Some art schools are old prestigious schools, while others are newer […]

Make Art Every Day: How to Make It Happen

A sculpture of spilled flowers shows how it can feel when you want to make art every day but can't find the time or energy

How many people actually have time to make art every day? And how can you do it without getting tired of your art practice and being in the studio? What could fall apart in your life if you spend every day making your art? Not every artist has these kinds of thoughts, but I do. […]

How To Afford Art School: The Complete Guide

How to afford art school is more than the money you already have, it's also financial aid resources

The cost of attendance for art school is pretty high. While the average cost of attendance for a public college is $25,615 per year, the average cost of art school attendance is around $60,000.  Cost of attendance isn’t just tuition. It also includes: Fees Housing and meals, also called Room and Board Art supplies and […]

Get Paid for Art? Is That Still Possible?

Get paid for art so you can afford a loaf of bread and more!

And why did I start Artists Deserve Money? Because I wanted to continue to help artists and to get artists paid. I started this site by sharing what I learned while I was working in education. But at this point, I’m not sure if I am doing anything more than throwing more words onto the […]

How To Build an Art Portfolio for College in 8 Easy Steps

Making great work is the first step if you're learning ow to build an art portfolio

Most recommendations for how to build an art portfolio focus on the work you should make. That’s important, but there are a few other things you’ll want to know if you’re doing portfolio preparation for art college.  These are some simple steps that can help when you’re building an art portfolio for college that can […]

Being a Junior Graphic Designer: Everything You Need to Know

Becoming a junior graphic designer isn't easy, but there are many ways to get there, number one is your portfolio

While it has been many years since I’ve been a graphic designer, my research tells me that, aside from technology, this career hasn’t changed much. So, I want to share my experience as a junior graphic designer, and why I chose to move in a different direction. I worked for amazing fun people at a […]

How To Prepare for Art School

Colored pencils in a jar to show that Learning how to prepare for art school is important if you want to make the most of your college experience.

The first year of art school is often the hardest for students. It’s a big change– living in a strange place, new rules and rituals, and a heavy workload of classes and homework. For many, this is also their first time living on their own. All of the above can be uncomfortable and stressful if […]

How I Review an Art Portfolio

Art portfolio reviews are all different, because each artist makes different work

Let’s pretend I’m reviewing your art portfolio in person at a Portfolio Day event. I’ll start by asking you to take out your work– all your work, every single piece you brought. It’s a good idea to bring a little bit of everything.  Some high school art teachers get very involved in helping their students […]